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Cash In on New Clients

Complete Client Booking Experience for Coaches

As a coach, booking new clients is the bread and butter of your business. Never knowing when you’ll land your next one can be nerve wracking. Don’t you wish it was easier?

Cashing in on new clients depends largely on ONE thing – the experience – aka the interaction potential clients have with you and your brand when they are evaluating your services and making a choice to buy.

This experience is a well-balanced combination of:

  • Appeal – this looks so awesome
  • Answers – this will solve my problem
  • Value – this is so worth it
  • Ease – this is so easy

From the moment they hit your sales page, they see the appeal, get the answers, understand the value and walk through the whole process with ease.

But the booking processes shouldn’t only be an amazing experience for your clients, it should be amazing for you – the coach. You deserve an appealing system that solves your problems, is easy to use – and totally worth it by booking more clients than ever before.


Think about how many discovery sessions have fallen flat. Think about the potential clients who’ve been head-over-heels excited to work with you then totally disappear. You don’t have to settle for disappointment and frustration. You deserve a system that eliminates the stress and puts more paying clients on your books – and it’s all done for you with complete, worry-free ease.

Why are you endlessly hustling for clients that aren’t booking? Get a system that does the work for you so you can focus on what you love.

The Cash In On New Clients package is a complete client booking experience for coaches who want to nurture lifelong loyal clients with ease.

Here’s how we do it for your clients:

We make it appealing by:
  • Installing beautifully designed inquiry forms customized with your branding.
  • Enabling immediate email responses to answer their inquiry with no waiting
  • Crafting personalized communications specific to their needs and customized with your brand voice.
We give answers by:
  • Using strategically formulated language designed to address your clients’ problems and how you offer solutions.
  • Crafting persuasive email sequences to address their pain points and nurture your client’s interest.
We make it valuable by:
  • Focusing on the benefits of your offerings and how it makes life better for your clients.
  • Describing your offerings in a manner that emphasizes the value and why your clients can’t afford not to buy.
We make it easy by:
  • Designing and implement a system that seamlessly integrates into your existing business.
  • Effortlessly walking your client through the decision-making and buying process without letting them fall through the cracks.

Here’s how we do it for you:

We make it appealing by:
  • Setting you up with a beautifully designed interface to interact with your clients and customize for your brand.
  • Crafting all your client communications specific to your business so it fits in seamlessly.
We give answers by:
  • We automate your client booking process so you can cash in on new clients even when you aren’t working.
  • We help you book more clients by implementing a thoughtful and amazing client experience.
We make it valuable by:
  • We use our expert team of strategists and copywriters to craft high-end content and language for your target audience.
  • We do all the setup work while you focus on sharing your message and helping your current clients.
We make it easy by:
  • We show you how to use the simple, easy to navigate (yet powerful) client management system, 17hats.
  • We walk you through how to use they system and offer unlimited email support to help you with any problems or questions that may arise.

The Cash In On New Clients Package includes:

A 90-minute Strategy Session via Zoom where we’ll outline your goals, audience, offerings and benefits in detail. This is where the magic happens. We tailor an irresistible sales strategy based on your brand, your audience and your offerings to keep those clients coming.

Setup of the 17hats client management system. All you have to do is create an account and choose your plan. We will take care of the rest and keep you updated on each step.

A customized lead capture form for your website or landing page for the offer of your choice including persuasive sales copy and a call to action potential client can’t resist.

An automated email sequence beginning with the auto-response for those who fill out  your form and including up to 3 additional emails. All of your emails and copy will be written by one of our expert copywriters for maximum effectiveness. Plus, we’ll even integrate it with your email and link up your scheduling system so clients can book appointments with ease.

Connecting your payment processing system with your 17hats account. Easily accept payments through PayPal, Stripe, Square or Extra bonus – 17hats doesn’t charge extra fees and they have integrated bookkeeping. Woot!

Set up templates for Proposals, Service Agreements and Invoices. We can even automate them. Yes, seriously.

And the best part, we’ll custom record an Intro Video + Tutorial just for you! We’ll show you step-by-step on your account how to get around, see your new leads, update emails and use this amazing new tool you have. Plus, we’ll even throw in unlimited email support if you have any questions or problems.

Get the complete Cash In On New Clients package for USD $750.00.

All it takes to get started is to fill out the form below. We’ll contact you right away to schedule your 90-minute Strategy Session and answer any questions you may have.

Sign up now and start cashing in. You’ll wish you started sooner.