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Running a business is demanding at the best of times. There’s always the pull on time and the balancing act between business and life. Christmas is certainly one of those times where an already busy schedule can quickly tip into overwhelm and leave you feeling decidedly short of experiencing the ‘joy’ of Christmas.

First of all, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. It’s so common for small business owners and entrepreneurs to feel like this and it’s usually made worse by feeling that the business is delivering anything but the freedom you had once envisioned, especially at Christmas.

Secondly however, all is not lost and there are things you can do to ease the pressure and enjoy Christmas without your business coming to a grinding halt.

Watch your mindset

Everything starts in your mind, so from now on, you need to start focusing on what you do you want, not on what you don’t. You have all the time you need and you’re taking daily action to make sure you balance Christmas and business.

Reassess your calendar

Get rid of the things that don’t have to be there and make sure you add realistic allocations of time for family gatherings, shopping and other festive season activities. The main thing is to be realistic. There are more things going on, so you have to work out how and what you’ll fit in and what has to go.

Get help, delegate, outsource

Once you’ve reorganized your calendar, it will be pretty obvious where the stretches are. Some of these things will be ok to leave out of your schedule for a week or two, but not all of them. For those that can’t be left, consider getting help to make sure they get done. Outsourcing or delegating the things that can be done by someone else will be one of the best Christmas presents you can give to yourself.

Schedule your social media posts

If you don’t outsource your social media and you don’t use a scheduler, now would be a good time to start. Block out some time in your calendar to create your Christmas content and then use a scheduler like Hootsuite or Buffer to post them automatically.

Communicate your Christmas availability

If you’re going to be less available over the Christmas period, make sure your clients and customers know. You can do this by email and through social media. You may also want to create a special landing page for enquiries over Christmas, and if you use an online booking service, make sure you block out the times you won’t be available. You’ll feel more relaxed knowing you’ve set your boundaries and managed your client’s expectations of you.

Make time for yourself

In all this busyness, it’s incredibly important to make time for yourself. You need to get enough sleep, you need time to relax and rejuvenate and you need time to just be. Christmas is all about giving, but if you don’t give to yourself first, you won’t have anything to give anyone else. Be kind to yourself first.

Have fun, be with your family

Most of all, Christmas is about being with your family, so organize your calendar, make the time to be with them and when you are, really be with them. Soak it up, focus on the most important people in the world and the reason you do what you do.

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